About a half an hour drive in the city, and you’ll be at work, or you might be late to the dentist still trying to find a place to park. About a half hour drive from Chico, Oroville or Paradise and you’re a world away from the city.

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Nestled just where the oak trees make way for pine trees in the Sierras along Scenic Feather River Highway 70, we carved out several pristine campsites from a portion of our 76 acre property. The infamous Paradise Camp Fire swept through and we spent the end of 2018 and most of 2019 revamping the property. Check Airbnb for before and after photos. We are pleased to offer a Yurt for your enjoyment.

Central to the campsites (which are not currently available) you will find an enclosed building containing a new flush toilet, a passive solar shower, bench seating and fire ring with a grill for all to share.  

Need to connect with the earth but don't have what it takes to go camping? Want to get away from it all but not ready to backpack into the wilderness? Try the Yurt experience. This just built, 16 foot diameter insulated yurt has a hobbit size wooden door with fairy tale lighting. Enjoy the kitchen, queen bed, futon and many more amenities. If you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy your privacy, this will be an experience you will not soon forget.

It's so peaceful up here in the mountains. At night the sky is quite dark because there's no light pollution. You can see every star in the sky. I hope you remember your astronomy book. While sitting around your campfire listen for the Cougars calling to their mates in the canyon or maybe the little foxes speaking to each other from one side of the canyon to the other waiting for you to leave some food on your picnic table so they can go through and look for snacks while you're sleeping.

Don't forget to bring your bird book and your paw print book so that you can identify our abundant wildlife. Watch for those flocks of geese, you'll know they're coming when you hear that unique call.

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